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Meditation at the Vedanta Center

Updated: May 26, 2019

The Vedanta Center is a place I hold very near and dear to my heart. It's a place that has such a strong spiritual and sacred feeling as soon as you enter the property. I started coming to the this tranquil temple about 5 years ago and will never forget the peace I felt closing my eyes to meditate inside it's quiet chapel. Lined with open chairs, backed with bright orange cushions, you simply come , take a seat and begin whatever silent practice suits you. One of my favorite things is to come here at the end of my work week, sit on the steps looking out at the ocean before going in, and reflect on just how lucky I feel to live in this beautiful city with my beautiful family. Whether I have something specific on my mind I am trying to make peace with, or just want to take a few moments to connect back with myself, I always leave with a sense of feeling reset and very connected to life, love and the Universe. If you ever find yourself in the Montecito area with a few extra minutes, I hope you will take the chance to visit this treasured temple. Namaste.

"Quietly nestled against a scenic mountain range, the Vedanta Center in Santa Barbara overlooks the Pacific ocean. A convent of five nuns oversees the maintenance of the 45-acre property, manages the bookstore and facilitates public activities at the temple. Activities include daily worship, meditation and vesper services, Sunday spiritual talks, scripture classes, and pujas (special worship services). The Society celebrates Durga Puja every year in the Santa Barbara temple."

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