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Greens & Ginger Juice

I love starting my day off with some type of green juice. What I love the most is that I can vary the types of greens that I include, making sure my body gets a large variety of nutrients and enzymes.

Sometimes I enjoy just a simple celery juice, and other times I will go crazy adding everything from cilantro to dandelion to jalapeno. It's all about having fun, getting creative and intuitively listening to the flavors your body is asking for that day.

While I would love to say that I juice every morning, that would not true. Being a busy mama and always looking for ways to save time, I make two juices every two days while I cook dinner. Depending on the juicer you have, your juice should stay fresh for up to 3 days, but I have found that mine really only tastes excellent within the first two.

When it comes to healthy habits, I am a firm believer that something is better than nothing. It's not about being "perfect" or "doing it right", it's about finding YOUR perfect way --which is the way that you have find works for YOU!. So whether that's a green juice every day, a green juice every month, or green juice once in your lifetime, that's GREAT and so are YOU!

Can't wait to hear how you drink your green juices and would love to hear what you put in below.

Cheers to health, new habits and finding your own juicing flow!

Greens & Ginger Juice - Makes 2 16oz juices


· 1 head of kale

· ½ bunch of parsley

· 2 thumb size pieces of ginger

· 2 cucumbers

· 8 stalks celery

· 1 lemon, peeled

· 1 apple, orange, grapefruit, pineapple (optional)


1. Juice all ingredients in the order listed

2. Pour into air tight mason jars and store in fridge for up to two days.


-If you have a garden or enjoy baking, you can use your juicing pulp in either of these. Chickens love juicing pulp too! I have been bringing my pulp to a friend with chickens for years and I have to say…it makes all the difference in the eggs!

-A quick time saving tip for your cleaning your juicer is to use your plastic produce bag to line your juicer chute. After your juicing is finished, you now have an easy way to wrap up the pulp and store in fridge for future use in the garden or bring to a friend for their chickens! The bonus? Your juicing chute is already clean!

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