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Watermelon, Fresh Mint & Feta Salad

Springtime is a season my body loves to lighten up and incorporate new flavors and more greens. I love using fresh herbs with different tastes and textures. This salad is one of my favorites because it has the sweet, salty and spicy combination going on. I use a sheep's milk feta that has the perfect silky texture and salty flavor. Fresh mint, lime juice and a little cayenne pepper, give this salad the perfect pop and make for a very robust and refreshing salad. I hope you enjoy!

Watermelon, Fresh Mint & Feta Salad - Serves 4


· Small watermelon

· 2 cups arugula

· 1 bunch fresh mint

· 4 oz feta, block style in brine

· 1-2 Tbsp olive oil

· 2 Limes, juiced

· Cayenne pepper, to taste

· Himalayan Salt, to taste


1. Cut the rind off the watermelon and then slice in ½” rounds. Lay each round on a plate.

2. Drain feta and use a sharp knife to very thinly slice feta lengthwise into slices. Lay 2-3 slices on to each slice of watermelon.

3. In a bowl, combine arugula, olive oil, lime juice and cayenne pepper. Gently toss and then lay about ½ a cup on top of the feta and watermelon.

4. Thinly chiffonade mint and sprinkle a bit on top of the arugula on each plate

5. Sprinkle each salad with a bit of Himalayan and enjoy!


-Feel free you use more salad, more mint, more of anything!

-You can use any type of soft creamy cheese; some other great combinations are fresh mozzarella or goat cheese.

-If you don’t enjoy the kick of the cayenne, feel free to remove it and instead drizzle your salad with a balsamic reduction (Trader Joe’s has a great one) for a sweeter salad.

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