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Nectarine & Arugula Summer Salad

Happy Friday Friends! We are in full on Summer mode, with early morning Santa Barbara fog and gorgeous sunny afternoons. This time of year I love picking fresh stone fruits and finding fun new ways to incorporate them into new dishes. Today I have a light crisp salad for you, perfect for lunch or a light dinner. Feel free to add any protein, a side of baguette or handfull of beans to make this salad a little more substantial. I also love tossing in a scoop of brown rice or quinoa for a quick fast lunch on the go when I'm working. So now get up and out to your local Farmer's Market and get picking, so you can enjoy these sweet delicious fruits while still in the peak of their season!

Nectarine & Arugula Summer Salad (Serves 1)



· 2 cups arugula

· 1 persian cucumber, sliced

· 1 ripe but still firm nectarine, sliced

· ¼ walnuts

· ¼ goat cheese (I love Treeline’s Herb-Garlic nut-based cheese)


· 3 Tbsp olive oil

· 1 Tbsp champagne vinegar

· ½ tbsp mustard

· ½ tsp honey

· Juice of 1 lemon

· 1 tbsp shallot, chopped

· Himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste


1) Add salad greens to a large plate.

2) Arrange remaining salad ingredients nicely over the arugula.

3) Add all your salad dressing ingredients to a blender or mason jar and blend until thoroughly combined.

4) Drizzle over salad and enjoy!

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