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Vivacious Veggie Platters

Longer days and later summer nights call for al fresco dining with friends and family. I love getting together and enjoying a meal with loved ones but often times struggle with what I can eat. Between several food intolerance's and my love for fresh healthy food, I don't always feel good eating a lot of meat, chips, dips, etc... A great option has been to bring something I know I will feel great eating and that I know others will enjoy as well. Veggie platters are always a hit and with a couple extra details, they can also be quite eye catching. When it comes to assembly, get your inner creative girl (or guy) out and go town using a variety of textures, tastes and colors. Cheers to health and having a great time!

Vivacious Veggie Platters (1 large platter)


· Choose 4-5 different colored crudité vegetables, washed and cut

· Choose 1-2 different colored fruits

· Pick 2-3 “special” items, like cheese, gourmet oils, olives, specialty nuts, artisan meats

· Pick 1-2 dips (think hummus, spinach artichoke, guacamole, onion, baba ganoush, etc)

· Choose 1-2 fresh herbs, destemmed

· *Crackers, bread, or chips (optional)


1) Take in an overall inventory of what colors of produce you have and think about how you can arrange them on your selected platter to really make the colors pop.

2) Place your dip containers where you’d like on your tray

3) Arrange your vegetables first, followed by specialty items

4) Sprinkle your fruits here and there in a luxurious manner to add texture and color to the overall presentation of the tray.

5) Look at your tray and see where it is still lacking a bit of color or texture, then sprinkle the fresh herbs in that area to add that hit of fanciness.

6) Cover platter and get over to your party!


-If bringing a starch, either find a place on your platter to fit in or bring in a separate dish.

-Use toothpicks placed upright in your platter, if needed, when covering your dish to avoid any smashing of your display.

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