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Basics of Nutmilk Cooking Class

People often tell me they don't have time or patience to make their own "from scratch" nut/seed/plant milks, and become intimidated at the mention of a nutmilk bag. Let me assure you, the process is far less complicated and fancy than it sounds. I promise that after making your own plant-based milks, store-bought versions will no longer stack up. Based on taste and the fact that they are filled with thickeners, stabilizers, and artificial ingredients, you will quickly find your own, to be far superior.

Once you get the hang of how to make the basic recipe, you can branch out and customize to suite your nutritional needs and personal tastes. Think lavender vanilla, salted chocolate caramel, vanilla chai-spice, coconut almond, and the list goes on...

Basic nutmilks will definitely make your smoothies, matcha lattes, breakfast cereals and hot cocoa's "next level".

I would love to teach you and your tribe how to create and customize your own plant-based nut/seed milk creations. Get in touch today for details and pricing on classes. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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